Urban Agriculture

© Marc Sardi

“Simply put, urban agriculture is the cultivation of edible plants or the raising of animals in a city.” (Source: Agriculture urbaine Mlt. Unofficial translation.)

“Urban agriculture provides agricultural products and services for local consumption. It exists in different forms: community, commercial, private, etc. It consists of specific features that greatly differentiate it from rural agriculture, and even from suburban agriculture.” (Source: ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec. 2012. Unofficial translation.)

Urban agriculture abounds in our city. In fact, it is practised by 42% of Montrealers (Source: Ville de Montréal. 2013). It refers to all food production activities carried out within the boundaries of the city. The resulting produce is used mainly for local consumption. Urban agriculture projects are diversified in Montréal and play a major role in supporting biodiversity. It includes both private gardens and large community gardens, but also more unusual projects, such as numerous apiaries, educational chicken coops and even an eco grazing project! Biopolis invites you to discover some inspiring and dynamic urban projects.