Invasive Alien Species

(c) liz west

“An invasive alien species (IAS) is a plant, animal or micro-organism (virus, bacteria or fungus) that is introduced to an area outside of its natural range. Its establishment or spread may pose a threat to the environment, the economy or society.” (Source: Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Action against Climate Change).

Montreal is home to many alien species. Some have become naturalized seamlessly within our urban ecosystems. Others, such as European Buckthorn, Japanese Knotweed and the Emerald Ash Borer, are considered invasive and have undergone explosive growth, threatening the biodiversity of our city. Moreover, IAS are the second-greatest threat to the loss of global biodiversity (Environment Canada, 2012). The fight against IAS is well underway in Montréal, and many initiatives are working together to address this issue. Discover some of the most dynamic.