• Start Date : 1 May 1996
  • End Date: Ongoing

A green alley is a place in the city where citizens mobilize (with the help of an éco-quartier, a borough or other partners) to create, green and enliven spaces conducive to environmental actions, sharing and play. Citizens participating in green alley projects share common objectives and values. Together, they pool their efforts and their talents to improve their family’s and their neighbours’ living environments.

Greening activities carried out in green alleys reduce the effect of urban heat islands, improve air quality, capture runoff water, increase plant biodiversity and provide habitat for small mammals, birds and insects.

Interventions aimed at limiting vehicle traffic in green alleys enable for the creation of safe spaces for play and for active transportation. The organization of festive events and activities in these alleys contribute to the strengthening of community bonds and to the improvement of safety and belonging feelings of citizens toward their neighbourhood.

In 2016, Montreal éco-quartiers were involved in over 300 green alley projects. Eleven of the nineteen Montreal boroughs have at least one green alley project developed on their respective territories with the help of engaged citizens and local éco-quartiers. Throughout the Island of Montreal, 346 green alleys can be found, which represents a total length of over 69 kilometres.



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