• Start Date : 1 Jan 2012
  • End Date: Ongoing

The Alvéole App, designed for the modern urban beekeeper, allows you to locate all of our urban beehives and to see how far each bee can fly.

Thanks to a 200 000-tree database produced by the city of Montreal, a few clicks allow you to visualize what kind of honey you can expect from a beehive in your neighbourhood.

Alvéole is first and foremost a labor of love, launched in 2012 by three friends from Montreal: Alex, Declan and Étienne. Having spent many years as beekeepers in Manitoba, they have pursued their passion for keeping bees at home, here in Montreal.

And so Alvéole was born: a unique brand that unites beekeeping, education and community. These days, the team is buzzing with ideas for rallying citizens around bees – leveraging honey towards a better understanding of issues related to the environment and urban greening.


Project Team

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