Project Requirements

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In order to be portrayed on Biopolis, your project must take place partly or entirely on the Island of Montreal (or on the islands associated with the city of Montreal’s boroughs) and must include at least one of the following actions:

  • To implement a component of research or data collection aimed at increasing knowledge on the subject of urban biodiversity or the habitats that supports it (see the definition of biodiversity here);
  • To involve a habitat creation or rehabilitation intervention intended to stimulate or support urban biodiversity (greening, urban agriculture, landscaping, phytoremediation, wildlife habitat, etc.);
  • To include a conservation component of a specific habitat or of a natural area;
  • To promote urban biodiversity through education and public awareness;
  • To address elements that threaten urban biodiversity (ex. the fight against invasive alien species).

Furthermore, your project must not contain any element that may constitute a nuisance to urban biodiversity (ex. Introduction of alien species, destruction of a natural area, etc.).

Specific projects will be prioritized over organisations or enterprises as a whole, unless they are affiliated to a physical location that puts forward urban biodiversity.

For the time being, one-off events will not be considered to partake in Biopolis.

The Biopolis team reserves the right to refuse any project that does not meet the above mentioned requirements or for any other relevant reason.

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