Be a Wildlifer!

Want to get more involved? There are countless ways to help biodiversity in your area! Here are a few volunteer opportunities in Quebec:

Mission monarch

Date: May-October, 2018
Location: Across Canada
Details and registration:

Mission Monarch is a citizen science project dedicated to monarch conservation. Lead by the Montreal Insectarium, the project aims at finding and protecting the monarch’s breeding grounds. Participation is simple. Just find milkweed, the plant on which the butterfly breeds, and look for caterpillars. It can be milkweed growing in your backyard or on the side of the road, it doesn’t matter. Then share your observations with Mission Monarch, and you’re done!


Volunteering at the Jardineries

You want to get involved in yout community? You enjoy meeting new people? You need to do some volunteering for a school program? Whatever your availibitity or you talent, you are welcome to come work with us!

More information here!

Eradication of the Dog-strangling vine and Black swallow-wort

Date: Friday, Sept. 14
Location: Meeting point in front of the Montreal Insectarium, 4581 Sherbrooke E., Montreal, QC H1X 2B2
Details and registration (coming soon):  Deux plantes envahissantes s’ajoutent aux menaces contre le papillon monarque

Two invasive plants can be found at the border of the Montreal Botanical Garden and Maisonneuve Park: Dog-strangling vine and Black swallow-wort. In addition to displacing native species and harming plant and animal diversity, they have been in the spotlight due to their negative impact on the monarch butterfly, whose populations are declining. Operations to eradicate these plants within the Montreal Botanical Garden were carried out by staff. This project is aimed at the periphery of the site of the Botanical Garden and the Montreal Insectarium, where the plant is still active.



Volunteer with WWF-Canada

Many opportunities to volunteer with the WWF-Canada team occur all year long. To get involved, click here.


Looking for volunteers for your activity? Contact us to post the offer on this page!


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