WWF-Canada is looking for biodiversity projects in Canadian cities!

Are you the leader of a project that benefits nature in your city? We want to hear about it! As of this summer, Biopolis will be expanding to all Canadian cities, so we are looking for new, inspiring projects to feature. Contact us to submit yours!

A window onto Montreal's urban biodiversity scene

Biopolis brings together the citizen, scientific and corporate communities, as well as the decision makers and organizations working in the field of biodiversity, in order to share multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise. This platform promotes research, effective solutions and the best practices to protect and enhance urban biodiversity. Biopolis is an inspiring, dynamic and evolving reference tool, stimulating innovative ideas and initiatives.



Meet our Bioneers, key people who make Montreal an international hub for urban biodiversity, whether by completing formative projects, developing inspiring research or implementing innovative practices.



Explore Montréal’s many projects and discover how citizens, researchers, institutions, businesses and community organizations lend a hand in supporting our city’s biodiversity.



Montreal is home to an impressive amount of innovative research on urban biodiversity. Learn more about the projects that advance the science of nature in the city!



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Want to to create a project that will benefit urban biodiversity in your neighbourhood? Here are some step-by-step tips to help you get started.